Recommended Resources

For Retargeting:

Retargeting Crash Course – The guys who taught this course recently made an extra $31,287 from retargeting. They can teach you all about how to retarget the right way.

Ad ReSpark – This creates great looking banners, in seconds, that you can use for your retargeting campaigns.

Facebook video player  – I haven’t used this personally but have been told that this video player will help you make more sales with your Facebook videos. I plan on using it and have heard good things so far.

My products:

Podcast Prodigy – Learn how to use podcasts to get in front of targeted audiences, get more people in front of your offer, and create a new revenue stream.

Become A Bestseller – Want to be an Amazon bestselling author? I’ll do it for you.

The Ultimate Kindle Course – This is a super-comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about how to profit with Kindle. We go over how to build a list from your books, choose profitable niches, get book reviews, get your books to the top of Amazon’s search engine, and a ton more.

Use coupon code RETARGETER to get $100 off.

Work Less To Live More: Outsourcing – If you’re feeling overwhelmed but have no idea how to effectively outsource, this is the course for you. We go over how to find best-of-the-best workers on the cheap… on YOUR terms, while making it a win-win for all.

Kinstant Formatter – This is a web based software you can use to format your Kindle books. Just upload your .doc or .docx file and get a Kindle-ready file right away.

Never Have A Bad Day Again – This is a personal development course I created that has some of my best day-lifting techniques.

Books – You can find my latest books on Amazon by going to