Are you interested in promoting Video Retargeter? Awesome!

As part of promoting this product, you will receive 50% on both the front-end of this course as well as the upsell.

You can sign up to be an affiliate right here:

After you’re approved to sell the main product, you’ll also be automatically approved for the upsell.

Here are some ways to make as many sales as possible:

1. Add a bonus. People love bonuses! Some ideas of bonuses that make sense for this software are:

– Training on how to sell physical products. This software is a beautiful complement to people who sell physical goods.

– Training on how to sell using this video creator as a service to offline businesses. Local marketers can charge solid money to businesses who want to implement retargeting.

– How to create digital products. People with digital courses can also benefit from retargeting.

– Something about conversions. Making money online means you need traffic + conversions. This software helps people get their traffic back – perhaps you can help them make as many sales as possible when their visitors come back to the page.

– Something about traffic. “You’re already getting the traffic from remarketing. Want to get as many people as possible through your remarketing campaign?”

– An interview. If you have sold 50+ copies of a course before, I am happy to do an interview with you.

You also may want to add a fast action bonus to get lots of sales out of the gate.

2. Send a pre-sell email. Let people know before the launch goes live that you’re going to be promoting something that will help check. Tell them to make sure to check their email inboxes on June 23rd at 2pm EST.

3. Create a review video. Go through the course and make a video going over everything that’s included. This way your list knows you whole-heartedly recommend the product.

4. Upload your email list to Facebook ads. Use your email list as a custom audience in Facebook and make sure that they keep seeing your offer. You can also target other groups and pages that may also want to purchase from your link.

5. Post on social media. Don’t limit your promotion to just your email list. There are lots of people on social media who would also love to learn about this!

6. Commit to the whole campaign. If you mail only one or two times, you throw a lot of money out the window. I often see the most sales come in on day 1 and then on the final day. If you mail a few times, customers will see you’re passionate about the product and they’ll keep being reminded to purchase it.

7. Send 2 emails on the last day.  The last day is where you’ll likely see 50% (or more) of sales. Send a “last day” email and a “final call: 5 hours left” email to see a crazy jump in conversions.

Thank you for your interest!

With love,