Stupidly simple software increases your profit on ANYTHING you sell online… in less than 60 seconds!

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 TPress Play To Find Out How:

very short blurb – as condensed as i can get
can even get right into it – right underneath video –
“the one thing that makes $ for anyone that does traffic – is retargeting, period. even if you do it wrong, it still works, every single time.
traditionally this is what happens – ppl put a campaign up, they put ads up on fb, enhances the roi.
thats great – but what about youtube? yada yada?
no matter what campaign youre doing
doesnt matter if youre doing local, kindle, shopify, etc – retargeting will make more $ than anything you do
 will make more $ no matter what
if youve been doing anything w/ paid advertising since 2013 or 2014 or when retargeting got hot, youve probably seen everyone talk about it – the reason why is bc it worked
all u have to do is put up a t shirt, ugly item, say ‘forget this? come back’
Increase ROI on every single campaign you ever do in under 27 seconds
find the ugliest simple thing to do with remarketing – on any campaign i can find in anything –
look, this is ugly as shit, took 3 seconds – it’s aborder, says forget to order? and its a photo –
and it works, EVERY SINGLE TIME
vido is same thing – BUT LESS PEOPLE ARE IN IT – so you have more space! cheaper clciks!
every where on fb, works even if you screw up the photo or make it ugly
retargeting by nature works, all on its own, most people do it w photos or know theyre supposed to
the elite few are doing it with the hottest thing there is – videos
every style of remarketing works – doesnt matter where it’s done –
the problem that comes about w/ video remaketing is thst videos take forever to create
if you already have some big huge presence, its OK to invest that
but what if youre testing a new shirt? or item on amazon or kindle that you dont know will work for sure?
u dont want to spend that time, or that $1k on a doodle
you cant invest $ until you have proven campaigns
can only do it once a campaign is a big winner bc video cost a LOT to make  – unless youre apple or adobe – you’ll have problems
 get to point faster – his + physical people will spike launch
nobody uses ‘come back for a discount’
Bullets right next to it
BUY BUTTON under it
Like or
1 problem 1 solution
certain things that are consistent when it comes to paid traffic -objective is always how much money do i need, how much do i need to scale
asm is inventory,will i fail w inventory
the pain point i will have to agitate is that videos take forever to build
main hook to pay atten – this particular market ALWAYS makes $ remarketing
the main angle – how FAST this is
Increase ROI on every single campaign you ever do in under 27 seconds

So, Why Should I Make Videos Using Video Retargeter?

You probably know that online videos are VERY powerful. Studies show that:

  • Online video delivers 10 times the response rate of static text and graphics
  • Product videos make consumers 85% more likely to buy
  • People are 75% more likely to watch video than read print.

And when you combine it with retargeting, things become crazy powerful!

On places like YouTube, People are FORCED to watch your videos!


Up until now, it’s been a PAIN to create professional videos, quickly!

I’ve heard it compared to the “Wild Wild West” days of the web, with so much untapped opportunity. Except there’s a catch:

Have you tried formatting your Kindle books yet?



Step 1: Add pictures of your product, e-course, or online product

Step 2: Choose from a pre-recorded template (or upload your own!)

Step 3: Choose a template

Create Your Video! Done – it is THAT simple! Your video is uploaded in 3 minutes or less!


Watch me create 10 videos in 3 minutes:

TIMER – etc.